Your iPhone Can Now Edit Texts. Enjoy The Chaos.

The latest software update for your iPhone, iOS 16, is here. It has a bunch of new features, like a customizable homescreen, the ability to schedule emails, and some other things, like shared photo libraries, that will roll out later this fall.

But you, a messy bitch who lives for drama, will care most about the new features for iMessage. You can now mark texts as “unread” if you want to get back to them later, which is great. But most exciting is the ability to “undo send” or edit messages. That’s right: You can finally take your foot out of your mouth for all those accidental texts or embarrassing typos.

Here’s how to use the undo send or edit functions. Simply press and hold down on your just-sent message (the same way you “like” or “heart” someone else’s message) and choose “undo send” or “edit” from the menu that pops up. Ta-da! Message rescinded.