The New, Faster MacBook Airs Have A New Shape And Start At $1,199

Apple announced the next MacBook Air today with an all-new design for the first time in….ever? The company has ditched the slanted shape the device has had since Steve Jobs first pulled it out of a manila envelope and swapped it in for a chassis that looks more like the Pro models, except much, much thinner.

There’s a new M2 chip that is a faster, more efficient upgrade from the M1 chip introduced in 2020.

At 2.7 pounds, it has a 20% reduction in volume. The screen, which is 25% brighter, has less of a border around the edges, so the screen is slightly bigger than before, at 13.6 inches.

It has a few exciting new features too that will make it stand out from the most recent Air from last year. For people who do lots of video calls, there’s a camera upgrade to 1080p, which means you won’t look like the grainiest person on your Zoom (this is what the latest Pro versions have).