Meme Creators Want Instagram To Change Its Content Moderation Policies And Stop Deplatforming Them

“Instarrection’s” co-organizer Anjelica, a 32-year-old from Connecticut, told BuzzFeed News in a call that she and Ana bonded over the struggle to remain on the platform. She has created 10 different accounts over the years, but is best known as @hornymermaid, where she posts selfies and absurdist memes for her 20,000 followers.

In 2021, she shared a clothed selfie with the caption “link in bio” where there were links to her other social media profiles and her OnlyFans page. She said Instagram removed her account for sexual solicitation. Her followers then began encouraging her to leave Instagram for Twitter and Reddit, where nudity guidelines are less strict.

“I don’t even post nudity. I have an OnlyFans and I post memes because that’s how I want to run my business,” she said. “I think people see the memes and gravitate toward my personality, and eventually check out my other link because they think I’m funny. That attraction is part of why I’m so successful, and I have to be able to do both.”

Anjelica regained access to the account after having a meeting with Instagram in early July. She said that was a “nice starting point” but her goal is to have constant dialogue with the platform.

“Revealing your face as a woman online will get you so much hate. Angry incels will mass report all our stuff, then it gets taken down or suppressed by the algorithm,” Anjelica said. “Why is it so hard for marginalized voices and women to express themselves? We’re not hurting anybody.”