Meet The Mom Who Lost Friends Over Her NFT Obsession

6:45 a.m. — Over coffee, I read about the horror show bloodbath that is the crypto market this morning. Everything is way down. I am a little freaked out, but know this is a long game. It’s time to buy the dip to dollar-cost average. I’m going with bitcoin, ETH, and Avalanche. On the NFT side, I make a mental note to put more ETH in my Metamask wallet for an upcoming presale mint I am on the allowlist for.

8 a.m. — After school drop-off, I hop into a Twitter Space on my drive home. It’s a women-led Space hosted by MommaBearG75 – who is doing an amazing job of bridging the bro gap and bringing women into the Bulls and Apes NFT project. I appreciate that, as a lot of NFTs don’t really make women feel that wanted. Her Space always feels like a warm hug. I miss that!

In my Web2 life, I’m part of a very tight-knit Facebook mom group, but ever since I have made the shift into NFTs, I have been feeling flat-out rejected by a lot of them. Most of them think NFTs are a scam (they are no more a scam than buying a stock), or bad for the environment (this is changing as the tech evolves), or just stupid. I used to think all of these things. When I first heard about NFTs I was aggressively against them. I thought the art was lame and only idiots were buying them. But, instead of doubling down on my ignorance, I decided to educate myself. Finding a kickass Web3 community in the women-led space was a total surprise. This is a side of the NFTs I feel most people are just not aware exists. My Web2 moms think NFTs are all tech bros flipping JPGs like stocks. That is NOT this world. There is so much authentic, loving support in the women-led NFT collection space.

8:30 a.m. — Answer emails and then check OpenSea to find that I have offers on a number of NFTs I own, even though I have not put them up for sale. The NFT I get the most offers on — for upwards of nearly 1 ETH [Editor’s note: At the time of writing this was about $3,000, but currently is around $1,100.] — is the myBFF bracelet I got for FREE! Also got offers on my spaceHUG and my VeeFriends2 moose. What a weird world I live in, man.

9 a.m. — Host my weekly Twitter Space, The ABCs of NFTs. I want to be the encyclopedia Britannica for Gen X’ers (or anyone who is confounded by crypto and NFTs) — so I focus on one topic a week in hopes to demystify it all a little. Today’s talk: utility — and how nostalgia can be a very good utility. Utility in NFTs is the stuff you get after you buy the art that makes you feel even better about having bought it. So, for example, with my collection Gen-X NFTs, some utility you’ll get are mix tapes, yearbooks, Gen X–inspired merch, and IRL/Metaverse events for holders — just fun things that make you feel good about having purchased an NFT. Using nostalgia, I hope to show people that there is an NFT out there that is relatable and aligned with their interests to make Web3 seem less daunting.

11 a.m. — I’m feeling a little tired (I’m secretly an introvert, so hosting a Twitter Space knocked me out a bit), so I take a cat nap.

12 p.m. — Hop on Discord to check in with my mods about an ’80s trivia night and ’80s movie night we plan on hosting. Need to decide on a movie — I am thinking Real Genius.

1 p.m. — Take my daily walk and catch up on crypto podcasts. There seem to be more and more popping up every day, especially women-led ones. I listen to Community Builders in Web3 with Heather Parady, who used to do another podcast I loved called NFTs for Newbies.

3 p.m. — Sneezed too hard and peed my pants a little. #momlife

3:30 p.m. — Pick up kid from school and we head to a nearby beach park. She frolics in the ankle-deep water investigating seashells while I fart around on TikTok, trying to think of something clever to post. I come up empty.

5 pm. — Dinner. I make bean burritos, cut up some peppers, and heat up some rice. The kid decides she’d rather have cereal.

8 p.m. — After the nightly epic battle about brushing teeth, the kid is in bed. I pour a giant glass of wine and go over artwork for my NFT collection. I am loving the new assets we’ve added. Especially loving these new ’80s-inspired goats.