Earth911 Podcast: AeroFarms’ Marc Oshima on Growing the Vertical Farming Opportunity

Vertical farming, the emerging indoor approach to growing greens and other vegetables, has begun to transform agriculture. This food revolution is starting from the center of cities, where unused industrial space is now being converted to grow produce for local consumers. Marc Oshima, co-founder and chief marketing officer at AeroFarms, brings a career’s worth of marketing experience at Toys R Us, L’Oreal, and Turner Broadcasting, among others, to develop a new approach to growing and selling fresh produce. AeroFarms offers a variety of greens, including arugula, wasabi mustard, kale, and other blends with a variety of surprising flavors. The company’s farming technology is reported to be 390 times more productive than growing produce on a traditional farm, and it uses 95% less water.

Marc Oshima, co-founder and chief marketing officer of AeroFarms
Marc Oshima, co-founder and chief marketing officer of AeroFarms, is our guest on Sustainability in Your Ear.

AeroFarms is a Certified B Corp that works to create social and environmental benefits, not just a profit. They plan expansions to create local jobs, eliminate food deserts, and build sustainable communities. The company has been recognized for its FlavorSpectrum Philosophy, a labeling approach that illustrates the taste profile of the greens to help cooks create salads and meals with specific flavor characteristics. AeroFarms greens are available in low-impact packaging that uses recycled plastic at Whole Foods, Walmart, ShopRite, and other grocers, in addition to home delivery from Amazon Fresh and FreshDirect. You can learn more about AeroFarms at