Best of Earth911 Podcast: Honeywell’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr. Gavin Towler, On Accelerating ESG Efforts

Honeywell International is one of the largest companies in the world, ranking 115th in the Fortune 500 and operating in 70 countries around the world. With lines of business in aerospace, building technology, workplace safety, and digital technology, Honeywell is applying its expertise to reduce its environmental impact. Since 2018, Honeywell has reduced CO2 emissions by 18%, progressing toward its Scope 1 and 2 carbon neutrality goal for 2035. Our guest, Dr. Gavin Towler, the Chief Sustainability Officer at Honeywell, led those efforts. He brings more than 30 years of experience in the chemicals and fuels industry to the conversation today and has helped Honeywell reduce the emissions associated with its refrigerants and electric vehicle solutions while engaging the wider industry to encourage environmental progress. 

Honeywell International’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr. Gavin Towler, is our guest on Sustainability In Your Ear.

An essential aspect of Honeywell’s progress is its focus on reducing operational carbon intensity, the amount of CO2 it generates to earn revenue, which fell from 60.5 MT of CO2e per $1 million of revenue in 2018 to 49.5 MT in 2022. Some of the projects Honeywell is pursuing include emissions management systems for oil and gas facilities that monitor and measure emissions and recover flare gas that traditionally was burned as waste. The company also launched battery energy storage systems to backup electric grids and is a leading producer of blue hydrogen, made from natural gas, at a facility that scrubs 98% of the CO2 produced by the process. You can learn more about Honeywell at

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